Early Societies of Hallowell, Maine

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Societies. -- What is now the Hallowell Social Library was established at a meeting of citizens February 5, 1842.  Andrew Masters was chosen president, Edward K. Butler, treasurer, and Henry K. Baker, secretary and librarian.  The library commenced its career of usefulness with 519 volumes, obtained, part by gift and part by purchase.  In 1859 it received a donation from the heirs of John Merrick, and also from the library of George Merrick.  About this time, Charles Vaughan conveyed to the library a brick store, the rental of which was devoted to the purchase of books, and when the building was sold, the proceeds were invested as a permanent fund to be devoted to the increase of the library.  In 1878 a Library Building Association was organized, and in two years, the fine granite structure was erected, and dedicated March 9, 1880.  The exercises consisted of a historical sketch, address by Rev. H. V. Emmons, and a poem by Emma Huntington Nason.  Generous donations toward the building were made by Joseph R. Bodwell the Messrs. Fuller and others.  Annie F. Page is the librarian.  The library now contains not far from 6,000 volumes, many of them rare and valuable.
Kennebec Lodge, No. 5, Free Masons, was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in 1796.  Nathaniel Dummer was the first master, and John Stratton the first secretary.  The following are the masters who succeeded Mr. Dummer: Benjamin Page, Samuel Colman, Jonathan Bond, Elias Bond, Dr. Ariel Mann, Henry W. Fuller, Eben T. Warren, Jesse Robinson, Peleg Sprague, George Farrell, Amos Nourse, Samuel K. Gilman, Andrew Masters, Thomas Dennis, E. H. Lombard, William Nye, Francis J. Day, Stephen Lord, Greenlief Robinson, Daniel Russell, Thomas W. Newman, James M. Sanborn, B. F. Warner, James Atkins, jun., James J. Jones, F. H. Weymouth, Orlando Currier, John D. Hodgdon, H. L. Grindell, E. W. Whitcomb, Hadley O. Hawes, Ai C. Harrington, E. Curtis Stevens, A. M. Spear, Marshall A. Nash, Charles K. Tilden, Silas H. Runnels and Isaiah B. Hosken.
Jerusalem Royal Arch Chapter, K. T., was chartered January 1, 1820.  The following is the succession of high priests: Gideon W. Olney, Lawrence Sprague, James L. Child, Ariel Mann, Eben T. Warren, Jesse Robinson, Peleg Sprague, Amos Nourse, Samuel K. Gilman, Stephen Lowell, Andrew Masters, Daniel Wadsworth, Stephen Webber, Leroy Bacon, E. A. Chadwick, C. W. Whitmore, M. F. Marble, Orlando Currier, Daniel C. Stanwood, Austin D. Knight, David Cargill, John W. Toward, B. F. Warner, Samuel W. Lane, John W. Rowe, James Atkins, jun., Milton M. Stone, James A. Jones, Elhanan W. Whitcomb, Hiram L. Grindell, Hadley O. Hawes, Charles K. Tilden, Ezra Curtis Stevens, Ai C. Harrington, Marshall A. Nash.
Alpha Council, No. 3, Royal and Select Masters, was instituted in Hallowell in 1869.  Those who have occupied, the chair since are: David Cargill, John W. Rowe, Samuel W. Lane, James J. Jones, H. L. Grindell, Hadley O. Hawes, Charles K. Tilden, Marshall A. Nash and James E. Blanchard.
Sanborn Lodge, No. 93, I. O. O. F., was organized October 5, 1882. Its noble grands have been: Fred E. Beane, Nelson L. Nye, Charles F. Kilbreth, L. D. Merchant, H. W. Flagg, Mahlon S. Spear, John P. Jewett, Eugene R. Lewis, Arch Campbell, George A. Winslow, Nathaniel Niles, John H. Lord, D. K. Jewell, Edward K. Bacon, Augustus Littlefield, Elbridge E. Lehr, George F. Winter, W. A. Emery and George A. Steward.  The present incumbent of the office is Frank E. Greeley.  Daniel Hanscom has held the office of treasurer since the Lodge was organized.
Crescent Lodge, No. 3, A. O. U. W., was chartered at Hallowell June 19, 1880.  The following have served as master workmen: Will S. Thompson, Reuel K. Marriner, William Crush, Daniel B. Lowe, William H. Foss, Joseph F. Clement, Albert M. Spear, E. R. Lewis, Frank Atkins, Fred E. Beane, Charles H. Richards, Charles W. Howard and John Leighton.
Granite Lodge, No. 50, K. of P., was instituted at Hallowell in 1885.  Those who have served as councillors down to and including 1892, are: Fred E. Beane, William Hosken, Frank C. Atkins, Charles H. Richards, Edward E. Barker, Herbert L. Heald, John S. Hamilton, George W. Taylor, Edwin W. Maddox, George White and Remington D. Capen.
(Source: Illustrated History of Kennebec County, Maine: eds.: Kingsbury, Deyo, H. W. Blake & Co., 1892: Chapter 19, Hallowell, Me., pp. 488b-516.)
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