Town of Southwest Harbor Maine Annual Report, 1945

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Town Officers:

Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers of Poor. Stanwood H. King, Chairman; Lawrence D. Phillips, Russell B. White.

Town Clerk -- Philip T. Carroll

Treasurer -- Raymond P. Somes

Collector of Taxes -- Lawrence S. Robinson

Road Commissioner -- Dwight Hamblen

Sealer of Weights and Measures and Constable -- Walter H. Hamblen

Town Police and Traffic Officer -- William Billings

Superintending School Committee -- John A. Noyes, Andrew E. Parker, Jonathan Stewart

Superintendent of Schools -- Ivan E. Adams

Health Officer -- Dr. L. G. Hagopian

Milk Inspector -- Lawrence D. Phillips

Special Police Officers Appointed -- Peter T. Benson, Andrew E. Parker, Stanwood H. King, Lawrence D. Phillips, Russell White, Fred A. Walls, Everett Torrey

Fire Chiefs -- Fred A. Walls, Chief; Wendell Gilley, Assistant Chief

Fire Wardens -- Fred A. Walls, Chief Warden; Deputy Wardens: B. C. Worcester, Raymond Billings, Harry Jordan, Everett Torrey

Plumbing Inspector -- George Emmett

Building Inspector -- Milton W. Norwood

Harbor Master -- Clifford Robbins



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