The Messenger -- Nov. 17, 1905

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Deer Isle.

The furnace for the new chapel arrived Wednesday.

The High School closed today for the fall vacation after a very successful term.  Opens again Dec. 11th.

Capt. Alvah Barbour of the steamer "Vinalhaven," has been presented a watch-chain and charm by friends and admirers at Isle au Haut.  The presentation took place at Swans Island on Tuesday night of last week on the occasion of a ball given in Heriick's hall, at which many couples from Isle au Haut were present.  The speech was made by D. L. Conley, who spoke in eloquent terms of the fine steamboat service given Isle au Haut by Capt. Barbour.


D. W. Torrey is enlarging one of his barns.

Mrs. Levi Knight went to Orono Wednesday to visit her daughters, who are students at the University of Maine.  She was accompnaied by Mrs. W. S. Thurlow of Stonington who will visit her daughter, Mrs. Horace Haskell.


Sumner P. Mills, attorney-at-law, will move from West Stonington into the Grindle house for the winter.

Basketball, which was first introduced here by C. U. Russ last season, and proved a favorite form of amusement with our people, will be in order again soon at the Opera House.

The clam shop here run by Thorndike and Hix, under the management of E. B. Simpson, is doing a fine business putting up clams and small herring for the western market.

At a meeting held Tuesday by those interested in establishing a K. of P. lodge here, some preliminary business was transacted.  The outlook is now favorable that a lodge will be instituted the coming week. 

Johnson and Young, lobster dealers, of Boston, who have had a Mr. Crockett here buying lobsters for them, have given up their place on the wharf and called their man to Boston.  This leaves J. C. Harmon the only buyer here.

A great deal of dissatisfaction is caused by the action of the so-called Barbour Water Co. by the disconnection of pipes, thereby compelling those who have had water in their stores and houses to get it where they can.

Capt. W. C. Sawtelle, who commanded the steamer, "Mt. Desert" on the Rockland-Bar Harbor route for years, and of late has been in the employ of J. L. Goss, has retired from the briny deep and gone to Boston to spend what we trust will be a pleasant winter with his daughter.

George W. Redman, our veteran hardware and furniture dealer, has opened a branch in the store opposite Mrs. Frink's buildings, where he intends to carry a line of five and ten cent and other goods.  His daughter and Miss Ethel Cousins will be the clerks.  Go in and see the girls even if you don't buy anything.

South Deer Isle.

Parker Hatch left Thursday of last week for Somerville, Mass., where he will spend the winter with his mother, Mrs. Lincoln Watts.

Mrs. Adrian Stanley and two children went to Rockland Monday where they will remain until Capt. Stanley, who is in command of steamer, "Monhegan," takes his winter vacation.


Ground was broken Thursday for the foundation for Nert Brown's new store and work on the building will begin as soon as the lumber arrives from Bangor.

Miss Isabelle Dodge, who has been visiting relatives in Brooksville, returned Tuesday.

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