The Messenger -- Nov. 10, 1905

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Two cargos of lumber to be used in building the school-house arrived Sunday and are being discharged and hauled to the spot.

A house of Green Head was entered and robbed of nearly everything except an organ and cook stove last Thursday night when the family was out.

The required number of charter members has been secured and a lodge of Knights of Pythias will be instituted here in the near future.

There as been a scarcity of vessels in the stone business but at this writing there are six good sized three masted schooners and one four-master here.

C. H. S. Webb has built an annex to his house, put on a front piazza, graded up in front and has made many other improvements.

While lying at the millwharf Friday discharging corn, the schooner,"Sunnyside," sprung a leak and filled, thereby damaging about 200 bushels of her cargo.

The four-masted schooner, "Francis Hyde," owned by Mr. Ingleman of New York, who recently purchased a quarry on Crotch Island, arrived Sunday with derricks and other gear for the quarry.  Henry Wallace, the supt. of this quarry, was called to Milbridge Monday by the death of his brother.

Deer Isle.

Alfred B. Greenlaw, first officer of the steam yacht, "Idalia," has arrived home from the season's yachting.

Capt. E. Y. Haskell left Thursday to resume command of his yacht, "The Inia," for a cruise in the West Indian waters.

Frank Davis, engineer of the yacht, "Cigarette," is at home.

Capt. Judson Torrey and Capt. E. L. Haskell are down the bay on a fishing trip in the "Georgia."

North Deer Isle.

Miss Estelle Powers has returned from Castine.

Sheriff Roland Howard of West Sedgwick was here Monday in the interests of the Humane society.

Mr. and Mrs. Hosea Barbour leave this week for Chicago, where Mr. B. has a position as care-taker of the property of F. W. Morgan, owner of the yacht, "Pathfinder," who goes to Florida with his family for the winter.


Frank Gross and Joseph Greenlaw have moved into their new house.

W. M. Hatch and family go to Malden this week, weather permitting.  Mr. Hatch takes up his former work there, the express business.

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