The Messenger -- Nov. 3, 1905

Category: Hancock County Published: Wednesday, 19 February 2014 Written by Carol Eddleman


Butler H. Mills has moved into his new house.

The house which C. B. Small if having built is ready for the masons.

Mrs. Sarah E. Noyes of Charleston is the guest of her son, Dr. B. L. Noyes.

It is rumored that Capt. W. L. Greelaw has sold his residence to a Capt. Torrey of Deer Isle.

Mrs. Charles W. Brimigion, who has been quite sick with typhoid fever, is improving rapidly.

Judging from the munber of trade "drummers" we see upon our streets, this town must be a great trade center.

Capt. Scott Geyer has installed a gasolene engine in the mill he recently built and is now doing a general grain business.

Florian Small has opened a five and ten cent store in the Simpson building.  He reports a very successful beginning.

Mr. Bemis, who is a graduate of Bates, is teaching our high school.  He is very well liked and is meeting with good success.

Owing to increasing business Attorney Mills is obliged to employ a stenographer and a Miss Watts of Thomaston is filling that position.

Today the quarreymen start in on their eight hour day.  According to their agreement it will be three years before they can ask for seven hours.

The schooner, "Chase," with a crew from Rockland, is building a sea-wall at the Settlement quarry, 175 feet long, 16 feet thick and about the same in depth.

Capt. Fred P. Weed has given the J. S. Eaton house which he recently purchased, a coat of paint.  He is also building a small house of four rooms nearby.

A. O. Candage has moved into his new house.  It is certainly a fine residence -- all the modern improvements including light, water and sanitary facilities.

Rev. Mr. Robinson, the new pastor of the Congregational church is endearing himself to his people and others.  He has a good attendance, especially on Sunday evenings, and if you want to listen to an interesting speaker come out and hear him.

A Mr. Braddish is in town working hard to get the required number to organize a lodge of Knights of Pythias.

Mr. Ingleman, who has recently purchased a quarry on the western part of Crotch Island, is preparing to do a large business.  Henry Wallace, a gentleman of a large experience, has charge.  He will build his wharf near the "Fessenden," extending it to the edge of the channel, which will be about 300 feet from the shore.

It is rumored here that the Ryan-Parker Construction Co., are about to close a contract to build a stone R. R. station in New York City that will take several years to complete and will cost seven million dollars.  It is said that 1000 men, in addition to what they already employ, will be required.  Just think what this means to Stonington.

North Deer Isle.

A gasoline engine was landed here for Rodney Eaton of Little Deer Isle who is building a launch for J. P. Davis of Sunshine.

Capt. Frank Gray and Lafayette Thompson have hauled up their fishing boats for the winter.  Others who have been in the fishing business are now done.

Deer Isle.

Capt. C.W. Haskell has hauled up his sloop, the "Nerid," for the winter.

Harris W. Haskell left Tuesday for New York to join the schooner, "Hugh Kelley".  Hoyt Foster will take his place in the drama tonight.


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