The Messenger -- Oct. 27, 1905

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Deer Isle.

A majority of the Council degree Masons residing here went to Sedgwick Wednesday evening to witness work by King Hiram Council of Rockland, which convened at Sedgwick for the purpose of conferring the degrees upon a number of candidates there.  The Rockland delegation came over on the "W. G. Butman" and called at the North Deer Isle wharf for the crowd from here.  The Stonington delegation went up on the "Stella Picket," but for the want of pilots and retired sea captains to navigate the boat she struck somewhere en route and was delayed several hours, but they arrived in time for the banquet, however, which fact was probably consoling to Flo.

Gardner K. Greene was among the arrivals Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. A. Spofford returned from a business trip to Boston Tuesday.

W. A. Gray is building a cottage next his residence on the opposite side of the street, for Mrs. Betsy Redman.

Charles L. Saunders, who is employed on the Lakes as steward of the yacht "Pathfinder," arrived from Chicago Monday.

The building occupied by Henry S. Haskell, the blacksmith, has been razed and the "Old Store" adjacent is being moved onto the lot and will be repaired and fitted up for Mr. Haskell.

Capt. W. P. Lowe of the Reach thinks he raised the largest pumpkin the past season of any man in town and we're not sure but he did.  It weighed 46.5 lbs.   If anyone can beat that he would like to hear from them.

This appears to be a week for moving.  W. G. Haskell has moved into his new house and Ralph Saunders has moved into the rent vacated by him in Mrs. S. D. Pressy's house; Capt. George W. Torrey has gone into Capt. Charles Pressey's house and Marsh Thompson has moved into Elmer Hardy's house at North Deer Isle.

Mrs. Frank A. Gross and Mrs. Edgar W. Haskell left Wednesday for a trip to Boston and New York.

Miss Annie B. Jennings, who owns the steam yacht, "Tuscarora," commanded by Capt. Charles E. Small, has presented the Ladies Aid Society with 176 nice, bound volumes and has subscribed for the society for all the leading magazines as a nucleus for a public library.  Miss Jennings, while here last summer, presented the society with $100, and this additional evidence of her interest in our wlefare is greatly appreciated by all.

North Deer Isle.

Capt. Edwin Thompson is finishing rooms in his house.

Neville Powers, who has been yachting this summer, is home.

Belcher Howard arrived home Sunday.  He has been in the yacht, "Caranto."

Walter Webster, postmaster, who has been taking a short outing in Boston, is home.

Little Deer Isle.

Capt. S. G. Hutchinson arrived from Philadelphia, Saturday, and is spending a few days at home while his vessel is loading at Stonington.

Leon Spinney went to Stonington Wednesday to join the schooner, "Penobscot."

H. W. Eaton has recently purchased a fine horse of parties in Rockland.


Mrs. A. F. Snyder is having her house newly shingled.

Guy Sylvester arrived home from Oyster Bay, N.Y., Wednesday evening, where he has been yachting this summer.

Oct. 15 is the day that scores of relatives and friends of Aunt Salome Sellers love to remember -- and this year it was her 105th birthday.  The "Marthas" together with a great many callers came on Monday.  Many signed her guest book which she keeps on the table beside her,  This table was brought from England by her father.




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